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Miniature Golden Retrievers

Not only does this breed keep the look and personality of a Golden, but they are also excellent family pets! They are so loving and loyal to your family. Our Mini Goldens are raised with LOTS of love from our children who range in age from 2-12 years old. We allow our children to be involved in the day to day care of not only our pets but our puppies as well. When you purchase a puppy from us you can buy knowing your new baby has been well loved and socialized. Our breeding group is not large and we plan to keep it that way. NO guardian homes. NO kennel kept dogs. NO rehoming once they are past their prime. They are family and we look forward to welcoming you into ours!

About Mini Golden Retrievers: Welcome


  • They have almost all of the same traits as full size retrievers in a "mini" appearance.

  • Most Mini Golden Retrievers weigh between 30-50 pounds.

  • Their lifespan is around 10-12 years.

  • Since they do tend to keep the retriever look, daily brushing is recommended to keep them free of mats.

  • Even though they are small, they are still full of energy and love to be active with YOU.

  • Most of them are very loyal and easy to train and can make excellent therapy dogs!

About Mini Golden Retrievers: About
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